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PC Health Check

Is your PC running slowly? We will run a system check to ensure it is running optimally.

We will scan your PC for viruses and malware and remove them if any are found.

We will also check the hardware to ensure it is running correctly.

We will also run:

A disk check

Memory test

Check for security issues

Clear up system clutter

Improve start up speed

Check internet speed


Additional Memory

We can add additional RAM to your Desktop PC or Laptop to improve performance.

Backup Solution

We can provide a backup solution to safeguard your Windows installation, Documents, Pictures, Videos and other files.

System Recovery

PC not switching on? We can restore your PC.

Windows Installation

We can provide and install Windows 10. Transferring all of your files and settings across (e-mail, bookmarks etc).

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screen damaged? We can replace it with a new one. Click here for a quote.


We can install Windows server for file sharing or setup a web server for internet services.


We hold many items in stock, which means we can proceed with the work in a timely fashion.

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